Updates from the DUO Condo Association

The Association has begun conducting a major concrete restoration, railing replacement & painting project to maintain the structural integrity of the twin Condo Towers. The length of the project is anticipated to be 12-14 months; weather permitting. We are working on both towers and the garage structure simultaneously in order to meet our schedule.

The money needed to fund this project was approved by way of a Special Assessment by the Board of Directors.  Each unit owner is responsible for their share of the improvement costs or approximately $20,000 +/- per unit depending on which unit floor plan was purchased. 


The owners of the Unit 403E recognize the inconvenience this may cause for a potential buyer and have thus paid in full for this assessment, a total of $20,582 has been paid to compensate a new buyer for any inconvenience.

More details 

The DUO Condo Association is made up by the DUO Unit Owners and is a legal entity.  The DUO Condo Luxury Towers are located in the City of Hallandale Beach which is in Broward County, Florida.  The County requires a recertification of any Condo Building once it is 40 years old and then every 10 years.  The Duo was built in 2007-2008 and while it is relatively young, the owners at a recent Board Meeting voted to pass a "Special Assessment" to proactively inspect and fund any costs to assure the buildings are structurally safe. In light of the recent tragic news out of Surfside, Florida we want to assure you that the Duo Condo Association has done and continues to do everything to assure that the highest safety measurers are taken. Again, the costs of this special assessment have already been paid for by the existing owners of Unit 403E.

Please take a moment to review the initial construction update and those most recent below from the DUO Condo Association.  These communication PDF files are emailed to Owners as well as posted on the DUO website, a place where everything related to the DUO can be found.  We have also included proof of payments for the "Special Assessment" below. You will also find the initial deposit of $1,779.00 and the final payment for the remaining balance of $18,802.92.  Please do not hesitate to contact the listing Broker, Brian Blume, for more information.

Update 1

Update 29

Initial Deposit

Final Payment

Update 31

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